Calm Time (Indie Horror Game)

Calm Time (Indie Horror Game)

Calm Time (Indie Horror Game)

Calm Time is a pixelated indie horror game which puts you in the role of the “monster” or the killer. An interesting outlook which ultimately brings out something quite devilish inside the player. 

It had some jumpscares, like one or two, before you got used to it. The white lady who seemingly seems to haunt you is only scary the first few seconds until you get used to her. Overall though, I felt almost a weird thrill running around slaughtering the residents. Whether or not this was the devs’ intentions I don’t know. 

There’s no other way to beat the game but to run around, hunting down each resident. You can’t even avoid killing the lady in the beginning, even if you just wanted to give her the knife to cut up the bread.

It was different than most pixel-games, and therefore I can only recommend you take a go at it. You can download the game here.

You can also watch me play it below, and yeah… err. I’m not proud over how creepy I get. This game really brings out weird things from you.

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